Hyperbaric oxygen for persistent post-concussive symptoms: long-term follow-up.

We report results of an observational cohort study investigating long-term follow-up in participants from two completed United States military trials of hyperbaric oxygen (HBO₂) for persistent post-concussive symptoms (PCS), as well as challenges in recruitment and retention in active-duty military personnel. After informed consent, participants completed an electronic survey assessing PCS, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression and quality of life. Of 132 HBO₂ study participants, 40 (30%) completed the survey (42 could not be contacted; 50 were lost to follow-up or declined). All were male, age 28.1 ±6.6 years (mean ±1SD). Time to follow-up was 39.2 ±6.1 months.

Review of awakening agents.

Abstract: Brain injuries are a serious burden of illness to Canada and the US. Advances in managing head trauma have allowed more patients to emerge from decreased levels of consciousness and helped them cope with neurocognitive, neurobehavioural, and neuropsychiatric...