Rehabilitation of the patients with osteoarthritis.

Under the term “osteoarthritis” (OA) is currently meant a clinical syndrome resulting from the combined effect of articular pain and disordered functional activity leading to the deterioration of the quality of life of the patients. The principal objective of rehabilitation of the patients presenting with GA in which all patients with this condition are in need practically after each next aggravation of the pathological process is to relive pain syndrome and restore the functional ability of the joints lost or deteriorated after each exacerbation in order to eventually improve the quality of life of the patients experiencing the constantly progressing degenerative process in the musculoskeletal system.

[Smoke poisoning].

Abstract: SYSTEMIC AND LOCAL EFFECT: Smoke inhalation causes systemic and local, mainly respiratory, toxicity due to the asphyxiant and irritant properties of toxic gases. The syndrome of oxygen deprivation and intoxication by asphyxiant gases is caused by...