Article from Medium discusses the new bill signed into law by Arizona Govenor Doug Ducy that will make Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) available to veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

On March 29, 2018 the bill was unanimously approved by both the houses of state legislature. Similar legislation had previously been passed by other states such as Texas, Oklahoma, Kentucky, and Indiana. A sum of $25,000 will be allotted by the State of Arizona to Healing Arizona Veterans, a non-profit group dedicated to making hyperbaric oxygen therapy available to veterans suffering from significant brain damage.

According to TreatNOW, a veterans’ support group, more than 2,000 US army veterans have been treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy for traumatic brain injury (TBI). The Arizona bill is the first piece of legislation passed in any US state to formally take a public-private partnership approach pertaining to hyperbaric oxygen therapy for veterans diagnosed with TBI and PTSD. The full, 80-hour treatment cycle of HBOT would require an estimated expenditure of $12,000 per veteran, for which Healing Arizona Veterans is currently seeking contributions.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapyhas been known to help improve damaged cognitive and neurological functions of the body after a traumatic brain injury without the need for surgery, prescribed drugs, or any other type of extraneous medication. Over 2,300 US veterans suffering from TBI have already been aided by HBOT, which bolsters the body’s natural defenses and thereby facilitates organic recovery.

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