Patient Testimonials

At Extivita, we believe that each patient seeking Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has a very personal story. Patients come to us often looking to heal themselves and improve their quality of life. They are not able to engage with their families, their vocations, or their friends in the way they once could. We get to know them throughout the course of their treatments, and we are just as excited as they are every time they reach a new milestone. Below are some of our favorite stories.

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Laura & Jon HBOT Experience

Traumatic Brain Injury

“From before we started hyperbaric [oxygen] to now, is black or white. It’s two different phases of his healing. Before it was dark and now we are in light. There is hope. Every day is healing.”

“Jon has improved on every level that the doctors said he would never improve on.”

John’s HBOT Experience

Concussion / Post-Concussion Syndrome

“The neurologists that I’ve seen haven’t been able to do anything concrete for me to deal with the root of the problem, just prescribe different medications to deal with some of the symptoms. If you don’t deal with the root of the problem it just continues to grow in severity and you require more medications to deal with the symptoms.

“Initially I did three dives over a two day period and immediately I started to see some different results that I had not seen before. Within a few hours I felt this sense of clarity and lack of pain which was really a welcome change for sure.”

“After going through HBOT I have been able to look at technology (screens) for a longer period of time without getting a headache.”

Sophia’s HBOT Experience

Multiple Sclerosis

“Things got really bad and I was in a wheelchair for a while. I went from being in a wheelchair to a walker for a while, and now I’m using a cane. Its amazing to be able to stand up straight”

“Hyperbaric has helped me so much along the way give me the energy to push and keep going.”

“Foot drop was one of my MS symptoms and that’s one thing that I’m 100% sure that hyperbaric helped me with is being able to lift my foot back up.”

Carrie’s HBOT Experience

Health & Wellness

“About a year ago I took my first HBOT treatment and it changed my life forever.

“Every morning I’d wake up and I’d have arthritis and my elbows would hurt and my feet would hurt and knees would hurt. I had a lot of aches and pains.  It just seemed like my body wasn’t keeping up”

“With HBOT, I’m running on all eight cylinders. I noticed a difference in my energy level, I also noticed that the biggest thing was that I didn’t hurt anymore. My muscles weren’t sore, my arthritis was gone.”

Bryce’s HBOT Experience

Ulcerative Colits

“He would play for 15 minutes and he was exhausted and there were several times where he would miss games and missed a tremendous amount of school.”

“We feel like we got the old Bryce back, he’s not hindered by anything anymore. Hyperbaric Oxygen has definitely changed our lives and our sons. It’s such a relief as a parent to be able to see your child just perform and do all of the things he loves to do.  And for us it doesn’t feel like this ticking time bomb that he’s on all this heavy medication. “

Ryley’s HBOT Experience

Spinal Cord Injury

“I gained sensation in my legs and through my feet.  In my arm I could feel more fine touch.  A really big improvement for me was core stability.”

“I used to have to wear a chest restraint.

“Hyperbaric Oxygen has improved my livelihood overall by giving me more independence in my life. Its given me more power to do things on my own.”

Vinny’s HBOT Experience

Central retinal Artery Occlusion / CRAO

“I saw this big black dot right in the center of my eyesight in my right eye and it was blurry around there and light just wasn’t getting in .”

“The doctor had told me nothing’s going to change. What you see is what you get. But it started to dissipate, I did about 20 dives and did little drawings of what I could see each time I went into a dive and I could see more and more and more. “

“With HBOT, it gave me back my depth perception. I can even fine detail now..”

Kristyn’s HBOT Experience

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

“I had carbon monoxide poisoning and it really affected my memory, mainly my short term memory.”

“When I was in the hospital I had three treatments, that’s all insurance would pay for. My mom thought more treatments would be helpful and a nurse at the hospital recommended Extivita”

“Its helping my memory. Those around me say they notice a difference, so that makes me feel positive about it.”

Steve’s HBOT Experience

Longevity Challenge

“I’ve seen improvement in all of my symptoms so far. I’m not getting any headaches, I’m sleeping better, my knees feel better, I have zero pain in my left hand and I’ve lost 22lbs.” 

“My expectations were really high and the experience pretty much blew them away.”

” Its something that I would recommend to anyone and everyone.”

Sean’s HBOT Experience

Longevity Challenge

“I’ve lost 24 pounds and my knee pain from before the challenge is gone. I’m very much looking forward to working out more now that I’ve dropped the weight.”

“The HBOT treatments were great. You can definitely tell the difference. You feel refreshed and have more energy and I’m definitely sleeping better”