The most frequent causes of leg ulcers are chronic venous disease (CVD) related mainly to venous hypertension and peripheral arterial disease (PAD) related to disseminated atheromatous lesions in lower limb arteries. In 15%-21% of patients, ulcers of mixed venous-arterial etiology occur, which are usually more resistant for conservative therapy (compression therapy, pharmacotherapy, wearing elastic stockings, leg elevation and massage, change of lifestyle, and regular physical exercises). The contemporary model of complex therapy of leg ulcers in the course of chronic venous and arterial insufficiency more often also comprises numerous physical therapy procedures as associated therapy. This paper presents beneficial results of treatment applied to a 58-year-old patient with 1-month lasting painful chronic ulcers of both shins of mixed venous-arterial etiology, resistant to conservative therapy, which was performed by using the device Laserobaria-S for local combined physical therapy including simultaneous action of hyperbaric oxygen, extremely low-frequency (ELF) variable magnetic field, and low-energy light radiation. As a result of a 9-week therapeutic cycle consisting of 30 daily procedures, a complete healing of ulcers in both shins with accompanying subsidence of pain and substantial reduction in the intensity of local inflammation around the ulcer was obtained. The patient reported no side effects, and no complications were observed during the therapy.

Pasek, Cieślar, Sieroń (2018). Combined therapy in the treatment of mixed etiology leg ulcer – case report. Therapeutics and clinical risk management, 2018 ;14:1915-1921. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/30349270