TJ’s HBOT Experience

TJ’s HBOT Experience A Veteran’s Triumph Over Chronic Pain and Arthritis “After six dives, that normal pressure that I have was alleviated. This is not the spike pressure I spoke about earlier… My osteoarthritis in my feet and my knees has been...

Phil’s HBOT Experience

Phil’s HBOT Experience How HBOT Reclaimed His Mobility and Vitality “It’s been 44 dives, and I no longer need a knee replacement… This changes your life for the better. What it’s doing is getting rid of your inflammation, and it’s...

George’s HBOT Experience

George’s HBOT Experience Resilience and Renewal: The Story of George Goodhue’s Recovery through HBOT “In the middle of the night, I felt tremors from my TBIs. I focused my mind to enter the Alpha state, and immediately, the tremors stopped. I was amazed...

Carrie’s HBOT Experience

“About a year ago I took my first HBOT treatment and it changed my life forever.

Every morning I’d wake up and I’d have arthritis and my elbows would hurt and my feet would hurt and knees would hurt. I had a lot of aches and pains. It just seemed like my body wasn’t keeping up.

With HBOT, I’m running on all eight cylinders. I noticed a difference in my energy level, I also noticed that the biggest thing was that I didn’t hurt anymore. My muscles weren’t sore, my arthritis was gone.”