COVID-19 Update – Extivita-RTP REMAINS 5 DAYS/WEEK and continue to serve all of our patients with dive times offered throughout the day.

As North Carolina enters Phase 1 of re-opening today, we continue to comply with CDC infection control recommendations:

  • Spacing of patients at least 3 feet apart in the chamber.
  • May wear your own protective mask until you put on your oxygen hood/mask
  • Ventilating chamber at a higher flow rate for air exchange
  • Hoods/masks are disinfected with appropriate COVID disinfectant after each treatment.
  • Chambers are disinfected after each treatment
  • Clinic will have housekeeping to disinfect on daily basis
  • Patients are required to wash their hands upon arrival
  • Individuals coming into clinic are limited to patients or caregiver only.
  • Temperatures & O2 are checked in the lobby. Anyone with a temp above 100.0 F will be sent home.

In addition, we are offering Nutritional IV’s:

  • Reboot IV – Also known as Myers Cocktail (Vitamin C plus other vitamins and minerals)
  • Glutathione (master antioxidant) to help boost your immune system.

The bottom line is HBOT and IV nutrient therapy help you stay healthy.

Please call 919-354-3775 to schedule your appointments.