We present a case of severe supraspinatus muscle rhabdomyolysis following overexertion in a young male. Preexisting risk factors included illicit drug use. Even single muscle rhabdomyolysis can cause significant renal failure, and in our case the use of intravenous flushing was used in conjunction with hyperbaric oxygen after muscle compartment fasciotomy to maximize muscle recovery and renal protection in a manual worker (musician). Clinicians should be alert to severe muscle pain requiring narcotics after strenuous use.

Hoy, Hasenkam, Fock, McLean (2018). Hyperbaric Oxygen as an Adjunctive Therapy Postfasciotomy for Unilateral Supraspinatus Rhabdomyolysis and Compartment Syndrome. Case reports in orthopedics, 2018 ;2018():5485767. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/30693124