A total of 114 of 195 patients with Crohn’s disease had perianal involvement. The average age at the beginning of symptomatology was 30.3 years. The interval between symptoms and diagnosis was 3.1 years. PAC was associated with colonic disease and in these patients, was multiple. PAC preceded intestinal disease in 11 percent, was coincident in 66 percent and appeared later in 23 percent. Sixty one patients (53.5%) were operated on 104 times (1.7 operations per patient). None of these patients developed faecal incontinence. Two patients were treated with hyperbaric oxygenation. The association of perianal disease and extra-intestinal manifestation occurred in 76 patients. There was no association in 38 patients. Forty patients had extra-intestinal manifestation without perianal disease. Twenty two patients had panproctocolectomy because of perianal disease. Twenty one had a stoma, with or without intestinal resection. The stoma improved perianal symptoms, but all remain defunctioned. After mean follow-up of 8.8 years, 45 patients present some kind of perianal complication. the surgical treatment of perianal disease well indicated and performed don’t result in incontinence; PAC combined with colonic or rectal disease is associated with higher need of performing a proctocolectomy or a defunctioning stoma. Only 22.8 percent presented resolution of perianal disease maintaining anal sphincter function.

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