Vinny’s HBOT Experience

“I saw this big black dot right in the center of my eyesight in my right eye and it was blurry around there and light just wasn’t getting in.

The doctor had told me nothing’s going to change. What you see is what you get. But it started to dissipate, I did about 20 dives and did little drawings of what I could see each time I went into a dive and I could see more and more and more.

With HBOT, it gave me back my depth perception. I can even fine detail now.”

TJ’s HBOT Experience

TJ’s HBOT Experience A Veteran’s Triumph Over Chronic Pain and Arthritis “After six dives, that normal pressure that I have was alleviated. This is not the spike pressure I spoke about earlier… My osteoarthritis in my feet and my knees has been...

Steve’s HBOT Experience

“I’ve seen improvement in all of my symptoms so far. I’m not getting any headaches, I’m sleeping better, my knees feel better, I have zero pain in my left hand and I’ve lost 22lbs.”

“My expectations were really high and the experience pretty much blew them away.”

” Its something that I would recommend to anyone and everyone.”

Sofia’s HBOT Experience

“Things got really bad and I was in a wheelchair for a while. I went from being in a wheelchair to a walker for a while, and now I’m using a cane. Its amazing to be able to stand up straight.

Hyperbaric has helped me so much along the way give me the energy to push and keep going.

Foot drop was one of my MS symptoms and that’s one thing that I’m 100% sure that hyperbaric helped me with is being able to lift my foot back up.”

Simon’s HBOT Experience

“My pain level was so high that I used alcohol and pills, and anything else I could just to get past that. The number one thing that really struggles is your sleep. If your sleep struggles, you struggle. Period. I went got into the chamber for the first time on a whim. And that night I went back to the hotel room and slept 13 hours.”

“There’s an opportunity out there to get out of your sorrow, to get out of your pain, to get out of all the things. Hyperbarics really, really, really provided that for me.”

“We [vets] have a lot of injuries, and hyperbarics gets rid of inflammation. Hyperbarics literally changed my pain level and physical abilities.”

“The biggest thing hyperbarics did for me was give me confidence. Confidence that I don’t need the pills, I don’t need the alcohol, I don’t need to be a jerk to my kids. Hyperbarics gave me that opportunity because it made me start feeling better.”

“HBOT has given us the stepping stones. It’s going to enhance your life to make you enjoy the things that you have.”

“Hyperbarics really gave me my life back.”