Houle Sr. and Jr.’s HBOT Experience

Finding Balance through Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

“People around me will say, man, you’re moving around a whole lot faster. You’re not limping as much. “

“My balance was really, really bad when I got here. It has changed almost 180% better.”

Joseph Houle Sr. and Joseph Houle Jr. both served distinguished careers in the Marine Corps. Joseph Houle Sr. dedicated over 30 years to the Corps, retiring as a Marine Sergeant Major, and was wounded three times in combat. His son, Joseph Houle Jr., served for 22 years, achieving the rank of Master Sergeant, with six combat tours contributing to extensive physical and psychological wear.

Neuropathy and Balance

Both Joseph Sr. and Jr. reported significant improvements in neuropathy symptoms. The tingling in their feet reduced, and their balance greatly improved. Joseph Jr. particularly noted that he could move faster and with less pain, dramatically improving his mobility and quality of life.

Sleep Quality

Joseph Sr. had long suffered from sleep disturbances and nightmares. Post-HBOT, he experienced sound, restful sleep and began dreaming again without the previous night terrors. This improvement is crucial for overall mental health and daily functioning.

Pain Relief and Physical Function

Joseph Jr. noted a significant reduction in back pain and the near elimination of tinnitus. His physical function improved markedly, evidenced by better performance in physical activities like gym workouts and enhanced overall mobility. He no longer felt or appeared as physically impaired as he did before the therapy.

Psychological Well-being

Both men emphasized the psychological benefits of HBOT. They found that the therapy not only improved their physical conditions but also had a positive impact on their mood and mental state. The therapy helped alleviate some of the long-standing psychological burdens from their combat experiences.