John’s HBOT Experience

How HBOT Revolutionized John’s Recovery from Multiple Concussions

The neurologists that I’ve seen haven’t been able to do anything concrete for me to deal with the root of the problem, just prescribe different medications to deal with some of the symptoms. After going through HBOT I have been able to look at technology (screens) for a longer period of time without getting a headache.

John Taylor, a 27-year-old from Albemarle, North Carolina, suffered a concussion during his senior year of college while playing capture the flag. Dissatisfied with the initial treatment and lack of in-depth knowledge from doctors, John’s condition worsened over time, leading to additional concussions. Traditional treatments, mainly medications, only addressed the symptoms and not the root cause, causing his condition to deteriorate further. Seeking a more effective solution, John explored hyperbaric oxygen therapy. While many centers were prohibitively expensive, a recommendation from Duke University led him to Extivita. After undergoing a trial package of 3 dives over two days, John experienced immediate positive results.

Multiple Concussions

HBOT is known to increase the oxygen supply to damaged brain tissues, promoting healing and reducing inflammation. For John, this meant a significant reduction in the symptoms associated with his concussions. The therapy likely aided in repairing the damaged brain cells and neural pathways, leading to improved brain function.

Difficulty with Screen Exposure

After his HBOT sessions, John noticed a marked improvement in his ability to engage with technology. The therapy likely enhanced his brain’s visual processing capabilities by healing the affected areas, allowing him to use screens for more extended periods without discomfort.