Laura & Jon’s HBOT Experience

From Severe Brain Injury to Renewed Hope with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at Extivita

“From before we started hyperbaric [oxygen] to now, is black or white. It’s two different phases of his healing. Before it was dark and now we are in light. There is hope. Every day is healing. Jon has improved on every level that the doctors said he would never improve on.”

Jon, known for his carefree and selfless nature, suffered a life-altering accident in March 2017. The aftermath left him with a severe brain injury, global aphasia, and both physical and cognitive impairments. His condition was so dire that he was unresponsive, scoring the lowest on the Glasgow scale. Despite the bleak prognosis and discouragement from medical professionals, Jon’s family believed in the potential of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). With the support of America’s Almighty Warriors and Dr. Dagle, Jon began his HBOT treatment at Extivita.

Pain Relief

The oxygen delivered during the therapy targeted painful areas, promoting healing and reducing discomfort. Jon transitioned from a state of constant pain to a state of peace.

Improved Mobility

Before HBOT, Jon’s prospects of walking seemed bleak. Post-treatment, he showed significant progress, with hopes of walking with a walker by the end of the year.

Cognitive and Emotional Recovery

Jon’s ability to express himself, speak, and understand language improved remarkably. His emotional state transitioned from one of fear and agitation to joy and peace.

Restored Personality

The carefree, easygoing personality that defined Jon before the accident made a comeback. His agitation, which doctors believed might be lifelong, completely disappeared.