Laurie’s HBOT Experience

From Post-COVID Fatigue to Gardening Again: Laurie’s Transformative Healing with Extivita’s HBOT

“I couldn’t believe the results! I had talked to so many people who 6, 8, 10, 12 months later still were having trouble being able to taste or smell; and I couldn’t believe that in, essentially a seven day time frame I was getting my taste and smell back.”

Laurie felt an immediate positive impact on her body after each HBOT session. She described it as a surge of oxygen that made her body feel stronger. Remarkably, within a seven-day timeframe, she began regaining her lost sense of taste and smell. Additionally, her restless leg syndrome, which often disrupted her sleep, decreased, allowing her to sleep soundly through the night.

Post-Covid Fatigue

Laurie felt a surge of energy and vitality after each HBOT session. She mentioned feeling as if her body was getting stronger with every session, indicating a significant reduction in her fatigue.

Loss of Taste and Smell

In a span of roughly seven days of undergoing HBOT, Laurie began regaining her sense of taste and smell, a recovery she found astonishing given the prolonged recovery time she had heard about from others.


With the support and understanding of the Extivita staff, Laurie managed to overcome her claustrophobia to complete her treatments. The staff’s patience and willingness to accommodate her fears played a crucial role in her ability to continue with the therapy.

Restless Leg Syndrome

During her HBOT treatment period, Laurie noticed a decrease in her restless leg symptoms, leading to deeper and uninterrupted sleep at night.