Sean’s HBOT Experience

Discovering a Healthier Lifestyle Through Extivita’s Longevity Challenge

“The HBOT treatments were great. You can definitely tell the difference. You feel refreshed and have more energy and I’m definitely sleeping better.”

Sean embarked on Extivita’s Longevity Challenge, a program combining fasting and hyperbaric treatments, with the hope of seeing some physical benefits. The challenge not only met but exceeded his expectations, providing him with a new lease on life. Through the course of the challenge, Sean experienced a remarkable weight loss of 24 pounds and alleviation of his knee pain, which had been a persistent issue.


Sean embarked on Extivita’s Longevity Challenge to address his weight concerns. The challenge incorporated fasting and hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) as a dual approach to promote weight loss. HBOT played a significant role in enhancing Sean’s metabolism and energy levels, which in turn facilitated his weight loss journey. Through the course of the challenge, Sean successfully shed 24 pounds, a milestone that significantly improved his quality of life.

Knee Pain

Chronic knee pain had been a hindrance to Sean’s daily life and physical activities. The anti-inflammatory properties of HBOT proved to be beneficial in alleviating Sean’s knee pain. By reducing inflammation and promoting faster healing of the tissues surrounding his knee, HBOT contributed to a pain-free experience for Sean. This relief from pain has now enabled Sean to look forward to more effective and less painful workouts.