Sofia’s HBOT Experience

Sofia Colesnic’s Remarkable Recovery from M.S. with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

“Foot drop was one of my MS symptoms and that’s one thing that I’m 100% sure that hyperbaric helped me with is being able to lift my foot back up.”

Preferring natural treatments, Sofia never took medication for her M.S. However, upon the recommendation of a close friend, she decided to try Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. The results were transformative. HBOT not only provided her with a significant energy boost but also helped her transition from using a wheelchair to a walker, and now she only requires a cane for support. Her head tremors have vanished, and the therapy has effectively reduced her inflammation, allowing her to wear her wedding ring again. One of the most notable improvements was in her foot drop symptom, which she attributes entirely to HBOT.

Lesions in the Brain

Sofia was diagnosed with an unusually high number of lesions in her brain, around 60 to 70, whereas most people with M.S. typically have two or three. The overall improvement in her symptoms suggests a positive effect on her neurological health.

Foot Drop

Foot drop is a condition where it’s challenging to lift the front part of the foot, causing it to drag when walking. It’s a common symptom in M.S. patients. Sofia was certain that HBOT played a crucial role in helping her overcome foot drop, enhancing her ability to lift her foot and walk more naturally.


Inflammation is a common symptom in M.S. patients. Sofia experienced inflammation in her fingers, making it difficult for her to wear her wedding ring. HBOT helped reduce this inflammation, allowing her to wear her ring comfortably again.

Physical Mobility

Sofia’s journey from being wheelchair-bound to using a cane is a testament to the profound impact of HBOT on her physical mobility. She transitioned from a wheelchair to a walker and eventually to a cane, indicating a substantial improvement in her ability to move and balance.