“It may help reverse, theoretically, some of the process that’s causing the autism.”

From delayed learning and speech, to cognitive impairments and social functioning, autism affects every aspect of a child’s life.

What if there was a therapy that could work at the core of the autism diagnosis, healing the brain and helping children live the most productive lives possible?

After seeing the results from hyperbaric oxygen therapy on patients with neurological conditions, parents started requesting  the therapy for their children on the autism spectrum.  This led her to research and get her PhD doing an IRB Research study, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Children with Autism.

“Medically, there is evidence that individuals with autism have inflammation in the brain,” says Casey Diskin, Director of Oxford Recovery Center’s Autism Recovery Thru Synergy (ARTS). “HBOT medically addresses the issue by reducing the inflammation. The ARTS program is a multi-therapy approach to treating autism.  We believe in creating a synergistic approach that allows us to treat the medical issues of our clients while simultaneously teaching functional socially significant life skills.”

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