Hyperbaric Oxygen for Concussion

HBOT for Subacute Traumatic Encephalitis Untied with Transcranial Doppler Vascular Lab of the Brain

Case Study:

16 year old lacrosse player took a “shot to the head”. He stopped practice immediately and within an hour his head was “really bothering him”, and “just didn’t feel right”.

He wore his sunglasses to the pediatrician the new morning with a headache that was a 7 out of 10. Plus he had mental fogginess. He had an upcoming AP History test, but was not able to study.

Treated him Friday midday (less than 48 hours)
Treated Monday morning – symptoms resolved, he was able to study Monday Afternoon. Day 8, his headaches were gone and he passed his History Test.

Full Story: http://treatnow.org/knowledgebase/lecture-12-denham-acute-concussion/