Current reimbursement for burn care underscores the importance of cost containment in the treatment of burn injuries. We evaluate the economic impact of adjunctive hyperbaric oxygen in burns of 19% to 50% total body surface area in patients admitted to our burn center from January 1982 to July 1987. Length of hospitalization, number of surgical procedures, and total cost of care, exclusive of surgical fees, were examined. Eleven patients did not receive adjunctive hyperbaric oxygen therapy, whereas 10 did. The hyperbaric oxygen-treated group had an average decrease in length of stay of 14.8 days, a reduction of surgical procedures of 39%, and an average saving per case of $31,600.

Cianci, Williams, Lueders, Lee, Shapiro, Sexton, Sato, , (). Adjunctive hyperbaric oxygen in the treatment of thermal burns. An economic analysis. The Journal of burn care & rehabilitation, ;11(2):140-3. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/2110567