Hemodialysis dependence is an independent risk factor for hematogenous complication, including distant metastatic infection and osteomyelitis. Chronic osteomyelitis is a serious disease that fails to respond to aggressive medical and surgical treatment. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been proved to enhance bone and soft tissue healing in many studies. This article presents the preliminary result of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in hemodialysis-dependent patients with chronic osteomyelitis. Ten hemodialysis dependent patients who were diagnosed with chronic diffuse osteomyelitis were treated prospectively with adjunctive hyperbaric oxygen therapy, in addition to aggressive surgical debridement and antibiotic treatment. The hyperbaric oxygen therapy averaged 20 daily sessions. Successful treatment was achieved in eight patients (80%). The mean length of treatment was 21 days. The preliminary results are comparable with other series. Hyperbaric oxygen is effective as an adjunct to aggressive medical and surgical treatment in chronic refractory osteomyelitis among hemodialysis-dependent patients.

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