Veillonella species is a gram-negative coccus which is part of the anaerobic normal flora in the oral cavity, small intestine, upper respiratory tract, vagina, and urinary tract. The role that this organism plays in infection is not well known, and it is generally associated with other bacteria. We present a case of bilateral abscessed orchiepididymitis associated with septicemia due to Veillonella parvula and, later, to Clostridium perfringens, with the development of severe renal insufficiency and septic shock, which resolved favorably with antibiotic therapy, treatment of shock, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. In reviewing the literature, we have not found any other case of sepsis due to Veillonella sp. associated with urological disorders.

Arrosagaray, Salas, Morales, Correas, Barros, Cordon, , , (1987). Bilateral abscessed orchiepididymitis associated with sepsis caused by Veillonella parvula and Clostridium perfringens: case report and review of the literature. Journal of clinical microbiology, 1987 Aug;25(8):1579-80. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/2887584