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Patterns of treatment of osteoradionecrosis with hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the United Kingdom.

We aimed to find out the number of patients with osteoradionecrosis (ORN) being treated by hyperbaric chambers in the UK during 2006-07, and the protocols that were being used. We did a telephone survey of 76 chambers to find out whether they treated patients with ORN, how many patients they treated in 2006-07, what chamber pressure they used, the duration of each session, and the total number of sessions/patient. A total of 25 chambers treated 273 patients with ORN in 2006-07; 10 were listed by the British Hyperbaric Association (BHA) and 15 were at multiple sclerosis (MS) centres. MS centres treated 23 (8%) of patients with ORN with a variable number of sessions of shorter duration and lower pressures than the chambers listed by the BHA. Most BHA chambers treated patients at 2.2 ATA for 90 min/session with 30 preoperative and 10 postoperative sessions/patient.

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