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Intravenous Micronutrient Therapy (Myers’ Cocktail) for Fibromyalgia

Intravenous micronutrient therapy (IVMT), and specifically the Myers’ Cocktail, is a popular approach for treating fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) among complementary and alternative medicine practitioners, but its efficacy is uncertain. This trial assessed the feasibility, safety, and provided insights into the efficacy of this therapy.

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Office of Dietary Supplements – Calcium

The below information is cited from the NIH Office of Dietary Supplements This is a reader-friendly overview of Calcium. For more details, see our health professional fact sheet on Calcium. What is calcium and what does it do? Calcium is a mineral found in many foods....

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Intravenous Rehydration

What is intravenous rehydration? Your doctor, or your child’s doctor, may prescribe intravenous (IV) rehydration to treat moderate to severe cases of dehydration. It’s more commonly used to treat children than adults. Children are more likely than adults to become...

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