COVID-19 Update – Extivita-RTP REMAINS OPEN 5 DAYS/WEEK and continues to serve all of our patients with dive times offered throughout the day.

As North Carolina enters Phase 2.5 of re-opening, we continue to comply with CDC infection control recommendations:

  • Spacing of patients at least 3 feet apart in the chamber.
  • May wear your own protective mask until you put on your oxygen hood/mask
  • Ventilating chamber at a higher flow rate for air exchange
  • Hoods/masks are disinfected with appropriate COVID disinfectant after each treatment.
  • Chambers are disinfected after each treatment
  • Clinic will have housekeeping to disinfect on daily basis
  • Patients are required to wash their hands upon arrival
  • Individuals coming into clinic are limited to patients or caregiver only.
  • Temperatures & O2 Saturation are checked in the lobby. Anyone with a temp above 100.0 F will be sent home.
  • All patients & staff are required to wear masks (some medical exceptions).

In addition, we are now offering Nutritional IV’s:

  • Myers’ Cocktail IV: The Myer’s Cocktail IV includes magnesium, calcium, vitamin B complex, additional vitamin B5, B6, and B12, and Vitamin C. The effects of each component combine to offer a powerful nutrient IV with countless benefits.
  • Glutathione IV: Glutathione is often called the “master antioxidant,” and for good reason. It protects cells from free-radical damage and drives detoxification by removing harmful pollutants, drugs, chemicals, and toxins from your body

The bottom line is HBOT and IV Nutrient Therapy help you stay healthy.

Please call 919-354-3775 to schedule your appointments.