Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) treatment has been reported to cause amelioration of clinical symptoms in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). We have treated 10 MS patients with hyperbaric oxygen (100% O2 at 2 atmospheres absolute for 90 min daily for a total of 20 exposures), and performed immunological studies on peripheral blood and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). After treatment there was a significant increase in total and helper T lymphocyte counts in peripheral blood, as well as an increase in both E, Fc gamma and C3b receptor-bearing lymphocytes. The responses to the mitogens PHA, con A and PWM were unchanged. Granulocytes showed an increased proportion of Fc gamma receptor and C3b receptor positive cells after treatment. The O2 consumption of granulocytes also increased, but phagocytosis, as measured by chemiluminescence, was unchanged. Serum IgA levels were slightly increased, while IgG and IgM concentrations remained unchanged after treatment. Cerebrospinal fluid cell counts, protein and IgG concentrations, as well as IgG indexes remained unchanged.

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