Complete evaluation of older patients with mental changes always leaves us with a certain percentage whose condition can only be attributed to atherosclerosis. Little is being done for these patients because this generalized stenosis of the brain does not reverse with any known treatment. This writer has treated many such patients with hyperbaric oxygen (HBO), and presents this case history, along with regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF) studies, showing the type of changes which frequently occur. This case initially presented with symptoms of gross mental confusion, memory loss, both recent and remote, irrational speech and occasional violence. Although prior complete evaluations were concluded with no recommended treatment, the initial series of HBO treatment resulted in a well-functioning patient. This was maintained for four years with intermittent HBO. The patient then presented with acute stroke, total disorientation and confusion. He again became functional with HBO. A discussion of the mechanisms of HBO which might account for the changes is given.

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