Patients with several diseases have been examined for detection of chromosome aberrations in peripheral blood cells after 10 sessions of hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) at 0.15-0.20 MPa for 40 min. The present study reveals that HBO increases the level of chromosome aberrations, and that individual reactions to HBO differ. Pure erythrocytes treated with high-pressure oxygen (HBO) at 0.7 MPa for 1 h are clastogenic for intact syngeneic lymphocytes. The effect of HBO (0.3 MPa, 5 sessions of 1 h daily) on induction of chromosome aberrations in somatic cells and germinal tissues of rat males has been studied. Induction of aberrations in bone marrow cells after HBO was seen for 3 months. In lymphocytes of patients, it was seen for 9 months. Chromosome rearrangements at the first meiotic division were detected only 90 days after exposure. HBO affects neither the functional nor the morphological condition of gonads and does not induce dominant lethals. It is proposed that a high quantity of chromosome breaks in cells of somatic tissues is an adaptive reaction of organisms to HBO.

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