Extivita-RTP highly recommends our BEMER/PEMF Therapy to help ease the symptoms of Raynaud’s Disease (also known as Raynaud’s or Raynaud’s phenomenon or syndrome). When you suffer from Raynaud’s Disease, the blood vessels in the toes and fingers constrict as a reaction to cold temperatures. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy has been shown to increase circulation in the hands and feet, and limit or eliminate flare-ups associated with Raynaud’s.

Research conducted with PEMF therapy for those suffering from symptoms of Raynaud’s phenomenon have shown that PEMFs can bring comfort during the winter months.

There are numerous diseases and conditions that often get worse during the winter months, and Raynaud’s phenomenon is one of them.

What is Raynaud’s phenomenon and how does PEMF therapy work to reduce the symptoms for sufferers?

This article is going to discuss how PEMFs work effectively to improve quality of life and reduce symptoms alongside other treatment options.


There are many different diseases and conditions that seem to worsen during the winter season.

The symptoms of Raynaud’s Phenomenon is no different.

This disease, considered a rheumatic illness, exhibits the following symptoms.

  1. A pale blue or reddish tint to the fingers during cold temperatures.
  2. Spasms occur in the blood vessels.
  3. Abnormal nerve control.
  4. Loss of heat in the fingers, which may bring on the pale blue and reddish tint in the fingers.
  5. Fingers and toes are ALWAYS cold.

These symptoms are unique to Raynaud’s Phenomenon, although some may report turning slightly pale blue in the winter cold.

That may occur in severely cold temperatures, but what you may not know is that this disease is quite similar to vasculitis.

This means that is cold weather, the individual suffering from Raynaud’s Phenomenon may notice that their fingers and toes turn pale blue or red due to the abnormal blood vessels.

Another reason that symptoms may be worse in during the winter season is the low pressure system which occurs frequently with precipitation.

When a system comes through your area in which air is cold and snow is coming in, the symptoms are similar to those experienced during the summer months when it rains.

The body offers tell-tale signs of arthritis, joint and muscle pain and in this case the symptoms of Raynaud’s seem to become more pronounced.

Joint pain, swelling, and sore muscles can all put pressure on the nerves and cause pain.

The same is true with Raynaud’s Phenomenon, in that individuals are already subjected to the abnormal nerve control.

Pressure on the nerves only exacerbates the problem.

Cold weather brings sensitivities to the surface, not to mention it’s annoying to constantly feel cold.

Nerve pain can feel like a burning sensation, and when combined with cold, the sensation can feel more stark to an individual with Raynaud’s.

The question for today is, how can PEMF therapy improve this?

Research on PEMF therapy and it’s effectiveness for the symptoms of Raynaud’s Phenomenon indicate that PEMFs stimulate the blood vessels, thus correcting their imbalance.

Blood vessels can become damaged and unstable, but with PEMF therapy the blood vessels will begin to strengthen and function properly.

Additionally, it has been shown that PEMFs stimulate the growth of new blood vessels.

It is fully known that one of the primary reasons individuals seek out PEMF therapy is to improve circulation.

This one aspect of the disease alone is evidence that PEMFs are helpful in alleviating the major symptoms of it.

Blood supply for the body, and to the extremities is one of the most important aspects of your health.

While it generally affects the fingers and toes, it can affect other parts of the body.

When the blood vessels begin to spasms it blocks natural blood flow.

This is where the real problem begins.

The root of all good health is associated with proper blood flow. While the skin may change color, the feeling of pins and needles may also come on.

This sensation has been compared to nerve pain, and the feeling that many have experienced when a foot, toes, or fingers and hand fall asleep.

Whether the sensation is a few minutes or a few hours the need for help in correcting this problem is essential.

Poor vascular health can lead to health problems that are even worse, including death.

While it isn’t always understood who this condition affects, we do know that more than 20% of the adult population is affected by this condition.

The medical community, through research, has determined that this also occurs more frequently in women than it does in men.

How does conventional medicine treat this?

There currently is no prescription medication that can be given for this and there is no indication that there will be in the future.

Outside of the pins and needles sensation, there is no pain associated with Raynaud’s Phenomenon.

Those who are seeking relief may be able to find the help they need with the consistent use of PEMF therapy.

There are numerous PEMF devices on the market today, so how do you choose one?


PEMF therapy has been proven to reduce symptoms of many conditions and diseases.

The FDA did approve the use of PEMF therapy for the healing of non-union fractures and other ailments since 1979.

Although this approval was given, it has not been utilized in conventional medicine.

Generally, PEMF therapy is used in the offices of naturopathic physicians and chiropractors.

The use of this therapy is now more commonly implemented in the practices of these doctors, offering it as a welcome complementary therapy.

Thousands have been able to experience the healing effects of PEMF therapy with the use of PEMF devices in the comfort of their own home.

The use of PEMF therapy along with remaining focused on reducing stress is the best way to approach reducing the symptoms of this disease.

It is critical that any type of vasculitis does not worsen.

Do online research before you make a final decision on a PEMF device.

You’ll want to make a list of your most important health needs, as well as what you are able to spend with your budget.

If you would like to learn more about how you can keep the “symptoms of Raynaud’s Phenomenon” under control, as well as improve your overall health, please take a moment to visit www.pemfsupply.com.