The efficacy of hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy was evaluated retrospectively in 43 patients who developed symptomatic vasospasm following acute aneurysm surgery. HBO therapy was given as an adjunct to mild hypertensive hypervolemia in 24 patients. Before HBO therapy, 17 patients had no infarct (Group 1), and seven had infarcts (Group 2) caused by vasospasm. A further 19 patients received mild hypertensive hypervolemia alone (Group 3). Cerebral infarcts developed in four Group 1 and 12 Group 3 patients. A good outcome 1 month after surgery was achieved by 13 Group 1 (76%), one Group 2, and seven Group 3 patients (37%). Fifteen of the 24 patients who received HBO therapy responded to HBO exposure, and 12 responding patients (80%) had a good outcome. During HBO exposure, electroencephalographic improvements were all accompanied by neurological improvements. There were no complications related to HBO therapy. HBO therapy adjunctive to mild hypertensive hypervolemia is helpful in preventing cerebral infarction associated with symptomatic vasospasm.

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