Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) has become a useful treatment in clinical diseases. All the treatment profiles (Death/Time) were performed under the safe limit of unit pulmonary toxicity dose (UPTD). Between June 1976 and December 1987, we had treated 1288 cases with HBO. The effective rates (cure or improvement) were 97.5% for decompression sickness, 96.3% for chronic osteomylitis, 90% for chronic skin ulcer, 89.4% for crush injury, 81.3% for gas intoxication, 76.1% for burn injury, 73.3% for cerebrovascular accident, 57.1% for gas gangrene, 50% for retinal artery insufficiency, and 45.5% for head or spinal cord injury. Only 3 patients suffered from oxygen toxicity and relieved immediately. To the serious decompression sickness, the comparative study between the conventional treatment table and our modified table revealed increased cure rate(25.8% versus 50.0%, P less than 0.05), and decreased recurrence rate (16.1% versus 4.1%, P less than 0.05). In burn patients with 35-70% area involved and 15-45 years of age, the comparative analysis showed a reduced mortality rate of 6.8% for the HBO treated group as opposed to 14.8% for the non-HBO treated group, P less than 0.05.

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