A comprehensive clinico-polygraphic study (EEG, ECG, REG, sphygmography of the temporal arteries, phlebography of the jugular veins) of 60 patients with ischemic stroke before, during and after hyperbaric oxygenation (HBO) was carried out to investigate the mechanisms of action of HBO in ischemic stroke and to develop the most effective schedules of HBO. Acid-base balance was determined in all patients. The authors elucidated that the effect of HBO on the functional status of the vessels of the intact and impaired hemisphere in hemispherical ischemic stroke was phasic and nonunitary. The authors describe the most effective schedules of HBO and the optimum duration of the therapeutic course. The pathogenetic orientation of the suggested schedules of HBO in ischemic cerebral stroke was shown. The basis of the therapeutic effect of HBO is the liquidation of metabolic acidosis in the ischemic focus in the brain and normalization of the functional status of the cerebral vessels and brain.

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