Analysis is made of a complex of clinicoelectrophysiologic, biochemical and biophysical studies conducted in 220 patients with brain stroke, receiving a course of hyperbaric oxygenation (HBO) at minor differential pressure (1.2-1.3 absolute atmospheres). It is shown that HBO can be applied as pathogenetic therapy in patients afflicted with brain stroke. It produces a marked clinical effect and normalizes EEG, REG and acid-alkaline balance, brings about a decrease of initially high lipid peroxidation (LPO), activating antioxidative processes and superoxide dismutase. However, such an effect is only produced by the first HBO sessions at minor differential pressure, which is likely to be due to the substitution action of hyperoxia and activation of antioxidative processes. The studies thus made validate the efficacy of short-term sessions of HBO in patients with brain stroke and the possibility of hyperoxia over-dosage in patients with disturbed antioxidant defence.

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