Mucormycosis is a devastating fungal disease affecting mainly diabetic and immunosuppressed patients and frequently causing death. Mucor rhizopus, the opportunistic fungus, has been controlled via radical extirpation and intravenous Amphotericin B. Hyperbaric oxygen also has been used. The authors present two interesting patients: 1) A diabetic female with rhinoorbital mucormycosis post total maxillectomy with recurrent mucormycosis and 2) A diabetic female with acute myelogenous leukemia and sphenoid sinus mucormycosis post functional endoscopic sinus surgery with residual mucormycosis. Both patients were receiving Amphotericin B without improvement. Both fungal infections were apparently eradicated with 1/2 strength topical hydrogen peroxide soaks. It appears the hydrogen peroxide destroys mucor and supporting host tissue by oxidation. The authors propose adding 1/2 strength topical hydrogen peroxide soaks to the list of possible adjunctive treatments of mucormycosis.

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