Necrotizing otitis externa is a potentially lethal form of otitis externa which occurs mainly in elderly diabetic. To study the clinical, diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of necrotizing otitis externa and to describe the outcomes of this disease. We report in this retrospective study, a series of 36 patients treated in our department for necrotizing otitis externa over a period of 9 years. Our series consisted of 34 diabetics. The average age of our patients was 62 years. The diagnosis was based on clinical, biological and bacteriological data and on imaging findings. A medical treatment based on a systemic antibiotic therapy combining a third generation cephalosporin to a fluoroquinolone was prescribed in 24 cases and to an aminoglycoside in 12 cases. In addition, a local treatment was performed daily and included meticulous cleaning of the external auditory canal and topical application of antimicrobial agents. Surgical debridement of infected soft tissues and bone sequestra was indicated in 8 cases because of the lack of improvement with medical treatment. Only one patient underwent hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The cure rate was estimated at 86%. Only one death was noted.

Gassab, Krifa, Sayah, Khaireddine, Koubaa, Gassab, , , (2011). [Necrotizing otitis externa: report of 36 cases]. La Tunisie medicale, 2011 Feb;89(2):151-6. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21308623