Alternative treatments for cancer do exist.  Consider hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Oxygen therapy has different treatment methods that are designed to stifle tumors and cancerous cells using oxygen. There are different ways of applying these treatments that range from injections to oral medication.
This alternative treatment to fight against cancer suggests that introducing an excess of oxygen into tumors can prevent the proliferation of cancerous cells, forcing tumors to stop growing.
There are different treatments that apply oxygen.

Another type of oxygen therapy is hyperbaric therapy. It consists in exposing the patient to high oxygen quantities. To carry it out, the patient must be placed inside an hyperbaric oxygen chamber in order to breathe in pure oxygen well above normal levels. The goal of this treatment is to recover patients’ damaged tissue and restore body functions, filling the blood with enough oxygen. This oxygen treatment can also be applied to cure other infections caused by flesh wounds or diseases such as Alzheimer’s and HIV/AIDS.

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