Preliminary clinical examinations comprised 16 patients suffering from multiple sclerosis, the mean duration of the disease 9.33 years, of the manifestations at different stages of the development–evaluated on the basis of Kurtzke scale. The patients were subjected exclusively to the treatment with oxygen hyperbary–all in all 25-30 exposures, with the intervals of 24 hours, under the O2 pressure of 2 ata. The qualification for the purposes of treatment and the classification of the symptoms present were carried out according to Fisher, the results obtained were evaluated in conformity with standard version of the Disability Status Scale of Kurtzke. Apart from the routine clinical and laboratory tests the programme of the examinations included also a quantitative determination of immunoglobulins level, complement activity as well as the determination of T and B lymphocytes. An eminent change for the better was found in 14 afflicted persons, in one patient after 15 exposures a worsening was observed and the treatment was arrested. As to the immunological parameters investigated, a general decrease of IgG, IgM, IgA in serum, increase of the complement fraction and its 50% hemolysis determined activity were observed, whereas quantitatively investigated T and B lymphocytes did not show any typical changes. The authors discuss the results.

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