Jeffrey’s HBOT Experience
“Jeffrey goes up for a block and Jeffrey comes down from the block. At the same time, the other player is going up to make the shot and they collided. It was a pretty serious collision.” “Immediately after, I didn’t feel like myself. Seeing stars. I had to sit out the rest of the game. The next morning, I didn’t really feel like myself. Kind of out of it. I was tired, had a headache. A little nauseous and dizzy. I just didn’t feel like myself. I felt great felt like myself almost immediately after it (HBOT) it only took a few days and I was back on the court because I had no more symptoms and I felt good. I definitely recommend it to anyone and I’d do it again if I had to.” “As a father and as a coach, for 20 plus years, I’ve seen a lot of injuries. Seeing my own son have an injury like that, it really scared me. It scared all of us. After the first dive, you could tell that there’s a little bit of a difference. He has two dives and he was basically back to his old self. I’ve really never seen anybody bounce back like that from a head injury. I would tell other coaches, if you see any signs of concussion, go the route that we did.”