Significant recent achievement in radiotherapy are presented, with brief discussions of brachytherapy, clinical dose-rate effects, ultrafractionation, and total and half-body irradiation. Reports on radiation modifiers, including hyperbaric oxygen, chemical radiosensitizers, and normal tissue protective agents are briefly summarized, while the potential of local and systemic hyperthermia is discussed in greater detail. Recent reports of local tumor control in so-called "radioresistant tumors," such as salivary gland tumors, adenocarcinomas of the breast, prostate and pancreas, malignant melanoma and malignant carcinoid, are summarized. Current status of heavy particle radiotherapy is discussed in detail. Results of initial clinical trials of neutron beam therapy are summarized, and a brief review of proton beam clinical trials and pion beam facilities is included. Recent reports defining the role of combined irradiation and surgery in rectal and breast cancer, and in soft tissue sarcomas, are discussed. Reports of enhanced radiation toxicity seen with concomitant or sequential chemotherapy and radiotherapy are detailed, including CNS toxicity seen with methotrexate and cytosine arabinoside, cardiotoxicity with adriamycin, and pulmonary toxicity with bleomycin. New or improved diagnostic techniques with special relevance to radiotherapy treatment planning, including CT scanning, histerography, internal mammary lymphoscintigraphy, and upper extremity lymphangiography are described.

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