The purpose of the study is to report on a 34-year-old woman with Susac syndrome who presented on two separate occasions with visual acuity loss from a recurrent branch retinal artery occlusion and underwent hyperbaric oxygen treatment with favorable outcome. Visual acuity was 20/400 in the left eye and count fingers in the right eye after separate occlusive events. The patient underwent hyperbaric oxygen treatment on each occasion of visual acuity loss. The patient subsequently was diagnosed with Susac syndrome (microangiopathy of the retina, brain, and middle ear). The authors present visual fields, photographs, angiograms, and ancillary tests documenting diagnosis and course of treatment. On each occasion, visual acuity improved to 20/25 during and was maintained after hyperbaric oxygen treatment. Visual fields showed improvement immediately after treatment. This is the first report of hyperbaric oxygen treatment for Susac syndrome. Dramatic post-treatment visual field and acuity changes suggest benefit of treatment. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment can be considered a treatment option for visual complications of this syndrome. Susac syndrome should be included in the differential diagnosis of recurrent branch retinal artery occlusion.

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