A seventy-year-old man who underwent transurethral resection of the prostate (TUR-P), had carried over the palsy after poliomyelitis inflicted at one year of age. Spinal anesthesia using with 7 mg of hyperbaric tetracaine with dextrose solution was performed for this surgery. The running pressure of D-sorbitol solution was 50 cmH2O during the operation. The operation time was 41 minutes and the balance of running water was -200 ml. After this TUR-P, there was no progression of his palsy, muscle atrophy or no aggravation of autonomic system immediately after the operation, 3 months later and 6 months later, respectively. This case suggests that spinal anesthesia can be applied in post-poliomyelitis patients. The perioperative maintenance of electrolyte control for endoscopic surgery with water running is more important than anesthetic procedure itself in this case.

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