We present nine patients with necrotizing fasciitis. Two of them had Fourniers gangrene. Predisposing factors included diabetes mellitus, alcohol and drug abuse. Local signs were redness, swelling and pain rapidly followed by fever and deterioration in the patient’s general condition. Soft tissue-gas was observed in all patients. It was found either clinically, on roentgenograms or by CT. Bacteria were found in blood cultures and/or necrotic tissues in all patients. The dominating treatment was radical surgical excision and early reexplorations. Antibiotics, intensive care support and early parenteral nutrition were given. Four patients were given hyperbaric oxygen treatment. The overall mortality rate was 11%. Amputation of one lower extremity became necessary in three patients. In these cases 4-8 days had elapsed between the onset and the first surgical excision. We find it important to underline early diagnosis and radical surgical excision in patients with necrotizing fasciitis.

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