Dan’s HBOT Experience

From Lifelong PTSD Struggles to Clarity and Renewal with HBOT

“So many Vets that have TBI don’t know about this and the story needs to be told and instead of some doctor giving you a pill, to confusion you even more. They need to start recommending this and I hope they do!”

Dan, who spent a significant portion of his life grappling with the emotional and physical repercussions of PTSD and arthritis, found a new lease on life through HBOT. His journey from a life clouded by mental fog and physical pain to one of clarity, vitality, and emotional stability underscores the potential of HBOT in addressing diverse health challenges. Dan now stands as an advocate for HBOT, hoping more individuals, especially veterans, discover its transformative power.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

After undergoing HBOT, Dan experienced a newfound clarity of mind, which he described as a profound change. The increased oxygen supply to his brain likely helped in repairing and rejuvenating damaged neural pathways, leading to improved cognitive function and emotional stability. The therapy helped him manage and significantly reduce the symptoms of PTSD, particularly the rage and emotional disturbances he had been experiencing. He felt more like himself, with a calmness of spirit that he hadn’t felt in years.


HBOT is known for its anti-inflammatory effects. By increasing the oxygen levels in the body, the therapy can reduce inflammation, which is a primary cause of arthritis pain. After his sessions, Dan reported that his arthritis had been alleviated. The reduction in inflammation likely led to decreased pain and improved joint function, allowing Dan to engage in activities without the discomfort he previously felt.

Low Energy Levels

After undergoing HBOT, Dan’s energy levels saw a significant boost. The therapy, by enhancing oxygen delivery to tissues and organs, can improve cellular function and metabolism. This increased oxygenation likely contributed to Dan’s rejuvenated energy levels, allowing him to feel more active and engaged in his daily life.