Mario’s HBOT Experience

A Path to Healing: Former Marine Recovers from PTSD and TBI Through HBOT

“After 15 years in the Marine Corps and facing PTSD and physical injuries, daily life was a challenge. HBOT enhanced my memory, eased my anxiety, and offered healing. At Extivita, I’ve experienced the benefits firsthand. To my fellow veterans, resources like HBOT can make a difference in our battles.”

Mario Martinez served 15 years in the Marine Corps, with three deployments overseas, two in Iraq, and one in Afghanistan. Hailing from Arlington, Virginia, his time in service left him with both mental and physical injuries, notably PTSD, stemming from specific incidents and challenging experiences in the field.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Mario noticed a significant reduction in his anxiety levels. The therapy seemed to “re-heal” his brain, allowing him to approach situations with a clearer mind and reduced fear. The constant state of alertness and the traumatic flashbacks diminished, enabling him to engage more fully in daily activities and academic pursuits.

Physical Injuries

Mario experienced faster recovery times whenever his injuries flared up. This suggests that HBOT helped reduce inflammation and promote healing in the affected areas. The therapy’s ability to increase oxygen delivery to tissues likely played a role in accelerating the healing process.


While Mario didn’t explicitly state the frequency of his migraines post-HBOT, the overall improvement in his well-being and the specific mention of enhanced mental clarity suggest a reduction in the severity and possibly the frequency of these migraines.

Energy Levels

One of the most pronounced benefits Mario experienced was a boost in energy. He felt rejuvenated, which allowed him to engage in activities he previously avoided or felt too drained to undertake.