Michael’s HBOT Experience

From PTSD Struggles to Renewed Hope with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

“The treatment has allowed me to think logically over reacting emotionally, and I’ve reduced my reliance on medications. While I know I’ll never be the exact person I was before Iraq, treatments like this bring me closer and offer hope. We’re losing too many veterans daily, and I urge others not to hesitate in seeking help. This therapy is saving lives.”

Michael Krall, a veteran with severe PTSD, often felt the world was against him, plagued by paranoia and disrupted sleep, especially after his deployment in Fallujah. Post his HBOT treatment, he experienced a remarkable improvement in sleep, stating he hasn’t rested this well since before Fallujah. The therapy also alleviated his feelings of paranoia and emotional instability.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Michael’s sleep quality significantly improved. He mentioned that he hasn’t slept as well since before his time in Fallujah. The treatment also helped reduce his feelings of paranoia and the emotional roller coaster associated with PTSD.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Michael experienced clearer logical thinking, which allowed him to respond to situations more rationally rather than reacting emotionally.

Bipolar Disorder

Michael hasn’t taken his bipolar medication since starting the treatment. He noticed a significant reduction in the number of prescription bottles on his desk, indicating a decreased dependency on medications. He began to feel more like his pre-Iraq self, emotionally stable and less reliant on medications to function.

Overall Well-being

Michael felt closer to his pre-deployment self, acknowledging that while he might never be 100% that person again, he can embrace the part he has to live with, thanks to treatments like HBOT. His perspective on life became more hopeful, emphasizing the importance of treatments like HBOT in saving lives and urging others to give it a chance.