“Prior to the treatment I’d be very explosive, very agitated, very sluggish. After the first 5 treatments I already noticed a change; and that explosive, agitated, easily triggered mindset has definitely diminished.” “On my last ANAM, one of the portions where you have to hit the X and then not hit the circle; I could feel the communication. Where in the ANAM prior to my treatment I had hit maybe eight or nine circles, after HBOT I only hit one circle. But I could feel the tingling in my finger, the communication that I had not had when it comes to reflexes between my finger and my brain, and I sense that now with everyday things.” “It’s improved and enhanced my way of life. I’ve been able to hone in on certain prioritized tasks. Rather than stress out, lose my mind, run around; my son is trying to ask me a question, I’m disregarding him; I’m coming home frustrated with my wife. It’s just enhanced my whole way of life, my thought process and it’s just been phenomenal.” “From a clinical perspective, it would have taken years of work, clinically to get him where he is in terms of his mood and just his energy and irritability level. I think it’s just been much decreased. So that’s pretty awesome because that’s not something you can talk someone out of and oftentimes when we do trauma therapy we’re trying to help Service Members learn how to down regulate their nervous system again. I think because he saw and felt so much better, so quickly, I think that it was a no brainer to keep doing it. Whereas, some other forms of treatment, things might get a little bit worse before they get better and I would just love to see this be the standard model of care.”