Sean’s HBOT Experience

From PTSD Struggles to Renewed Hope with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

“I found hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) to be incredibly beneficial… I’ve noticed a huge reduction in joint inflammation, especially in my hands, wrists, and knuckles. My joint pain is gone, and I have increased range of motion. I feel more clarity of thought, better memory, and improved focus.

Sean’s message to other veterans is a testament to the potential life-changing benefits of HBOT, advocating for its trial as a non-invasive and beneficial therapy.

Reduction in Joint Inflammation and Pain

Sean experienced a significant decrease in joint inflammation and pain, particularly in his hands, wrists, and knuckles, which led to an increased range of motion.

Improved Cognitive Functions

Sean noticed enhanced clarity of thought, better memory, and improved focus, which contributed to his overall mental well-being.

Elimination of Chronic Fatigue

The therapy eradicated the chronic fatigue Sean used to suffer from, enabling him to enjoy hiking in the mountains every weekend.

Mental Health Improvement

HBOT proved more effective than various other treatments Sean tried for PTSD and TBI, including active resolution therapy, EMDR, CBT, inpatient programs, retreats, yoga, and medications from the VA. It notably improved his mental clarity, decision-making abilities, and reduced headaches.