Steve’s HBOT Experience

From Military Veteran Struggling with PTSD and Chronic Pain to a Healthier, Pain-Free Life Through Extivita’s Longevity Challenge

“I’ve seen improvement in all of my symptoms so far. I’m not getting any headaches, I’m sleeping better, my knees feel better, I have zero pain in my left hand and I’ve lost 22lbs.”

Steve, a military veteran, was grappling with PTSD, multiple concussions, and chronic pain. Wanting to take control of his health, he enrolled in Extivita’s Longevity Challenge. His transformative journey began with his first session in the hyperbaric chamber, which led him to quit smoking cigarettes “cold turkey”. As he continued with the Longevity Challenge, he experienced a complete cessation of post-concussion headaches and pain. Remarkably, he also lost 22 pounds.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Steve, who had been suffering from PTSD due to his military service, found significant relief after undergoing HBOT. The therapy helped him achieve a greater sense of mental clarity and emotional stability, reducing the symptoms commonly associated with PTSD.

Multiple Concussions

Steve had been experiencing post-concussion headaches that affected his daily life. After starting the HBOT sessions, he noticed a complete cessation of these headaches. The therapy helped in accelerating the healing of his brain tissue, thus alleviating the symptoms of his multiple concussions.

Chronic Pain

Steve had been living with chronic pain, particularly in his knees and left hand. HBOT played a crucial role in reducing inflammation and enhancing the body’s natural healing process. After the treatment, Steve reported zero pain in his left hand and improved conditions in his knees.


As part of Extivita’s Longevity Challenge, Steve also focused on weight loss. Remarkably, he lost 22 pounds during the course of his HBOT treatment. The therapy, in conjunction with a water fast, helped him achieve this significant weight loss, thereby improving his overall health.