The history of BEMER technology, whose preliminary highlight is the development of the single configuration that is currently used in therapeutic systems to apply the “physical BEMER vascular therapy began in 1998.  The basis for this was the development of a specific base signal, which differed from all signal forms used in non-specific electromagnetic field therapy until that time due to a particular mathematical formula and the physical signal resulting from it. 

However, the initial considerations on the development of this signal were still dominated by the idea that the transfer of electromagnetic energy – in a way like a catalyst – could be used to intervene in, and activate, certain biomolecular processes in an organism. Today we can say that, in light of the small amount of energy transferred, this fact is not the decisive determinant of effectiveness. Instead, it is particularly the rhythm of the signal configuration, that is, the selection of repetitions (frequencies) and vascular-specific allocation, that is of greater importance.