To undertake an economic analysis of the direct costs of treating radiation cystitis from a purchaser perspective, comparing conservative, non-operative and surgical interventions with hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT). A male in his 60s with prostatic carcinoma consented to this study. Full details of treatment costs in AUD were obtained (AUD 1.0, approx. EUR 0.6). A detailed patient diary accurately cross-referenced the consultations, investigations, admissions and treatment. Costs were recorded on a spreadsheet, dated and grouped under eight major headings related to treatment. Costs were compared for radiation cystitis treatment pre- and post-HBOT, to calculate savings or losses. The study covered three years (including 2.5 years post successful HBOT). Costs prior to HBOT (139 days) were AUD32,571.42 at an average of AUD231.09 per day, 70% from inpatient fees. Direct HBOT costs were AUD12,014.95 for 38 treatments, AUD316.18 per treatment. Post-HBOT (897 days), healthcare costs were AUD17,113.42 (AUD19.08 per day), with no emergency admissions. HBOT reduced costs of inpatient admissions, consultations, investigations and procedures and provided a projected healthcare saving of AUD187,483.96 over a 2.5 year follow up. The cost of HBOT compared favourably against other costs, and HBOT may provide major health cost savings in this condition. There are significant hidden costs associated with radiation cystitis, not apparent to health funders, because the reasons for admissions and procedures are not easily captured with current information systems.

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