The effects of hyperbaric oxygen on uracil nucleotide metabolism in B104 rat neuroblastoma cells were investigated. Cells exposed to 10 atm O2 for 4 h incorporated markedly less [3H]uridine into the acid-soluble fraction and RNA compared to cells kept in ambient air. The acid-soluble fraction of the oxygen-treated cells contained less total [3H]uridine phosphates ([3H]UMP + [3H]UDP + [3H]UTP) than air-treated cells. Uridine kinase activity, assayed in cytosolic extracts from cells exposed to 10 atm O2 for 4 h, was decreased by 46% compared to the air controls. The reduced enzyme activity which appears to account for the depressed [3H]uridine incorporation, may contribute to the lethal effects of oxygen in these cells.

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